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If you have hypertension, exercise can play a vital role in managing your blood pressure. Evidence suggests regular physical activity can lower blood pressure by 4-9mmHg. Not only that, you will also see many other health benefits:

Strong evidence of:

  • better cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness
  • less weight gain
  • more weight loss – combined with eating fewer calories
  • better weight maintenance after weight loss
  • lower risk of early death
  • lower risk of stroke
  • lower risk of coronary heart disease
  • lower risk of high blood pressure
  • lower risk of unhealthy blood lipid profile
  • lower risk of type 2 diabetes
  • lower risk of metabolic syndrome
  • lower risk of colon and breast cancer
  • fewer falls
  • reduced levels of depression
  • better cognitive function in older adults

Some evidence of:

  • lower risk of hip fracture
  • lower risk of lung cancer
  • lower risk of endometrial cancer
  • stronger bone density
  • better sleep quality
  • reduced abdominal fat

Talk to your doctor before starting exercise if you have a health problem or are unsure. As long as you don’t overdo it and listen to your body, you’ll begin to see the result of even small amounts of exercise. It’s all about starting small and building towards your target.

The best results are seen with exercise of moderate intensity. This means your breathing and heart rate are increased, you feel warm or are sweating slightly, yet you are still able to carry on a conversation.

Hypertensive patients should be advised to participate in at least 30 min of moderate-intensity, dynamic aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, cycling or swimming) on 5-7 days per week.

Start with 10-20 minutes per day of any of the following:

briskwalkBrisk walk or cycle
for 10-20 minutes

treadmillGym session on treadmill
or exercise bike for 10-20 minutes

Your local gym should be willing to help all new members by assessing their needs and abilities, giving you an exercise plan developed with you in mind.

athomeHome Routine:

  • Dress in comfy clothes
  • Find a room in the house that gives you some space
  • 6 minute warm-up:
    • March on the spot x 3 minutes
    • Knee Raises with hands out straight x 10
    • Roll Shoulder  x 5 forward and then 5 backwards
    • March on the spot x 2 minutes
  • As you progress with your home routine you can gradually add the following exercises as you feel able. Always remember if you are unsure of your capabilities consult your doctor or healthcare expert.
    • Star Jumps:         2 x 15-20
    • Squats:        2 x 15-20
    • Rocket Jumps:     2 x 15-20
    • Burpees:         2 x 15-20

Walk or jog on the spot for 45 – 60 seconds to recover between each exercise



Cool down and stretch

You should always cool down and stretch after exercise, below is a stretching routine which you could find very useful.


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