A diagnosis of hypertension can be stressful and there is growing evidence that stress may increase people’s vulnerability to hypertension. There are a number of exercises, both physical and mental, in this section of, which you may find useful to combat stress.


Although there’s a lot of talk about it these days, Mindfulness has been around for decades. Mindfulness is the experience of being “in the moment” in your everyday life, helping you to refresh and refocus throughout the day.

The 5 key factors in stress

Psychologists have used a five factor model to talk to people about their mental and physical health.

Case Histories – Gary’s story

We know that stress typically affects fve key factors: Environment / Biology / Thoughts / Mood / Behaviour. So how do these different elements translate themselves into actual real life scenarios?

Fight or Flight & the effects of stress

Stress isn’t just a state of mind – there are actual physiological effects to being stressed. These may be related to our ‘Fight or Flight’ response – our body’s response to a stressful situation.

Mindfulness audio exercises

Find out more about how you can be more mindful in your everyday life.

‘Bus stop’ exercises

Try these short stress busters when you are at the bus stop, in traffic or waiting in line at the bank.

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