‘Bus stop’ exercises

Are you too busy for stress management? Is it just one more thing on your ‘to do’ list? Try these short stress busters when you are at the bus stop, in traffic, waiting in line at the bank, or standing at the side of the pitch, watching the under 8s!


bus-stop-diaphragmaticDiaphragmatic breathing

Practice gratitude

Bring to mind something that you are grateful to have in your life. It can be something big or something very small, but spend a minute really focussing on the experience of gratitude.

bus-stop-compassionPractice compassion

Have a look around. See that guy in the car next to you, or the woman in the cue ahead of you? Without staring at them (be careful!), bring a sense of compassion to mind and send it in their direction. Don’t ‘feel sorry’ for them, but see if you can generate a kind thought for them, such as ‘I hope that guy is going home to a hot dinner’ or ‘I hope she is nice and healthy.’

You’ll be surprised the effect that type of generous wish for others can have on yourself.

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